curmudgeon thoughts on outlander

in which I, a curmudgeon, discuss things (spoiler-y things) pertaining to episode 108:

  • hugh munro felt unearned, conveniently appearing out of total no where to deliver a plot. that could’ve been fixed with a tiny insertion during “rent” where who should appear for a chat at the camp one day? oh that wily hugh and his belt o’ rabbits. minor quibble, yes.
  • um, two cut sex scenes from the books, and they’re suspect ones (before the scene at leoch) that make you go, “oh jamie is kind of fucked up (nice fucked up!), this will be interesting.”
  • the cut line from jamie (god really, a ton of cut lines) about how women can’t shoot guns. jamie can be a dick sometimes. jamie gives you his mother’s pearls, but he’ll also call you a feeble lady to your face. deal.
  • basically: we’re going into the hiatus with still-perfect jamie, and we’re going to come out of it with a whole lot of “is he really going to do that?” with no groundwork laid. 
  • but I award one point for leaving willie with claire. at least that clears up any doubt about her waltzing off, and I suppose sets up a situation where jamie is “forced” to do the thing that is going to enrage a lot of people. 
  • and most importantly: no one cares about frank. let frank go. frank is never going to happen. the audience is firmly planted in the world of “OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO CLAIRE NOW??”